Wii Wuhu is a game about Miis. In this game, you can play more mini-games on Wuhu Island, but you can also do a campaign mode where you can walk around Wuhu Island and an adventure at the end of the game on Hawhaw Island.

Minigame Mode Minigames Edit

  • Wii Sports Resort games
  • Wii Play games
  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Money Maker
  • Football
  • Mini-golf

Career Mode ChaptersEdit

  • Chapter One: The Invitation BOSS:None
  • Chapter Two:Wuhu Island! BOSS: Scarecrow King
  • Chapter Three: The Mystery BOSS:None
  • Chapter Four: Cave Ruins BOSS: Mutant Mii
  • Chapter Five: Hawhaw Island! BOSS: A Me